Buttonville Flying Club

COPA Flight 44

2016 Beefapolluza

  • 03 Jul 2016
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • CYOO, Hangar 25

One of the highlights of annual BFC events, John Van Lieshout will be hosting Beefapolluza as he has done for (apparently) the last 199 years!

From John:

Just a reminder of the 200th BFC Beefapolluza this coming Sunday, July 3rd, 2016 at 2pm ish in Hangar #25 at CYOO.

If you needed a reason to attend this special Beefapolluza bicentennial , I've made it easier for you. Choose from these TOP TEN reasons or excuses...

#10 - You won't be spending a hundred dollars for a hamburger here.

#9 - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be far away. No chance that this is a campaign funding barbeque.

#8 - Having just celebrated the summer solstice, this will be a very long day. You may need an extra meal.

#7 - The Pentagon has realigned the Global Positioning Satellite system. Just enter "Beefapolluza"...direct in your GPS or Google Beefapolluza.

#6 - The distinct possibility that one of the Kardashians will show up with only a pair of thongs..., err I mean a pair of tongs.

#5 - Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Asparagus... I've heard of these places. Europe, I think.

#4 - You've heard of Bernoulli's 3rd Law. Well there is Bernoulli's lesser known 42nd law... "For any amount of solids and/or liquids consumed in a predetermined value of time, there is a relative and proportional increase in belt size which is further compounded by the reactive force of brown beans".

#3 - Bernoulli's 3rd Law of Fluid Dynamics still applies. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction....".

#2 - We fly for food.

And the number one reason you should attend the BFC's Beefapolluza Bicentennial.....

#1 - A chance to use the words "meat" and "dry rub" in the same sentence without the social embarrassment.

Directions and more information to follow in the next few days.

Hope to see you all there.

John Van Lieshout

Additional Message from John:

Good evening fellow BFC members, Copa 70 members, and fans of the Sizzle!
Just a reminder that the BFC's annual Beefapolluza is this Sunday, July 3rd at my hangar, unit 25, located in the north Tees at CYOO. All BBQ worshippers and aviation enthusiasts are invited. Bring family and friends. This is a multi denomination food celebration and all food faiths are honoured, including that food group that starts with "V". This is a great opportunity to gather with members, friends, and peers to engage in some hangar flying. Arrive anytime after 1:30pm. There is no need to bring anything except for some folding chairs for your tush and a non perishable food item that will be donated to a local food bank. If you are still insistent on bringing some food fare, then I would recommend your favorite salad or dessert. This is a celebration of my three of most favorite passions. Aviation, Summer, and BBQing. Fly in or drive in. Unless you are a tenant of CYOO, please park in the large parking lot beside the main terminal to the north.
I have included a link for a map to the BFC Beefapolluza. Pedestrian gate #12 is used to get to my hangar which is located by the traffic circle just to the right or east of the "A" marker on the map or to the east of the main terminal building. The gate code is 1&4 pushed together followed by 3. If you are flying in, please park on the main ramp and walk to my hangar. There is a driveway by the fuel pumps that will lead you directly to my hangar. For safety reasons, please do not taxi to my hangar. Click on the satellite button of the map to see an aerial view of my hangar. Hangar #25 is located in the 2nd most westerly and southerly T-hangar building east of the main terminal. The big door will be open so just follow your nose. You can't miss it. Call my cell (416.948.5626) if you have any problems or further directions. Flames erupt at 2pm. Cheers.
John V.

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