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Buttonville Flying Club

COPA Flight 44

About Us

The Buttonville Flying Club was founded in 1969 and re-established as a non-profit organization in the fall of 1992. Our objectives are to create a community of aviation enthusiasts, to create a friendly social atmosphere where members can enjoy each others company and to organize group flying trips and other aviation related activities. The Buttonville Flying Club is also a chapter (Flight 44) of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association. COPA membership is highly recommended, but not required for Flying Club members.

Our members come from a wide variety of professions, but all have a common interest in aviation. Levels of flying experience range from student pilots up to air transport ratings. By bringing together pilots with different perspectives, we work to improve knowledge, skill, and safety within the local flying community, and when interacting with other flying clubs throughout North America.

Benefits of Membership

  • We facilitate flying opportunities for current members who are presently without access to an aircraft or who wish to share the costs of rental or ownership
  • Club members participate in numerous flying events, such as fly-ins to other local airports, air rallies, group flying trips and trips to air shows during the summer months
  • Our non-flying events include movie nights, safety seminars, barbeques, pot luck Christmas dinners and an annual awards banquet
  • Monthly meetings provide the opportunity to meet and discuss points of interest in the aviation community and hear guest speakers on a variety of aviation topics
  • Access to the BFC news group, WhatsApp chat, and our clubhouse in Hangar 15 at CYKZ
  • Support good causes — BFC members contribute their flying skills and other efforts to Hope Air, COPA Young Aviators Day, Young Eagles, and Girls Take Flight, among others
  • Club members are eligible for the BFC 100LL Fuel Rebate Program at CYKZ
  • Club members can receive discounts at VIP Pilot and Aircraft Spruce Canada

Where to Find Us

Our monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month, in our clubhouse. Take the service road from the East side of the main parking lot, and drive back to the hangars (see image at right). You’ll find us in Hangar 15. Guests and non-members are very welcome, but if you're coming alone it's a good idea to contact us first so that we can let you through the locked gate into the hangar area.

On weekend mornings, you can usually find BFC members in the main terminal building in front of Druxy’s. Take the Million Air entrance and walk straight back until you see us.

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