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Buttonville Flying Club

COPA Flight 44

January Meeting: Dave Hadfield

  • 10 Jan 2024
  • 18:30
  • 75 Tiverton Court

Our guest speaker in January will be Dave Hadfield, presenting on Warbirds and his flying adventures!

Refreshments will be served at 6:30, and the talk begins at 7pm.


The session will be held at the SMS Training Facility at 75 Tiverton Court.  This is just off Allstate Parkway just short of the old Nav Can tower on the southwest side of the field.  Google Maps link.

Come North up from Hwy 7 on Allstate Parkway just past the sign that says No Exit after the 2nd or 3rd stop sign and Tiverton is on the left follow it west to the end (only 100 meters or so) and go to the Toshiba Building that is 75.  Go left into the parking area (you may recognize a number of Ambulances parked there).  The door for the Training Center is at the basement area on the South side of the building.  The door is normally closed but we will have someone letting people in.  Call Dave Sprague if you need assistance -- his cell phone number is posted in the BFC-News announcement of this meeting.  Or, ask in the WhatsApp group.

Dave Hadfield Biography:

Dave Hadfield has been airplane-crazy all his life. His first flight took place at 4 weeks old; he’s tried to never let such a long gap occur again.

He earned his wings with the Air Cadets in 1975 and built time for his ratings on a Bellanca Citabria. Taildraggers led to a job as a Flying Instructor, Aerobatics instructor, and then Aerobatic Competitions in a 1948 Belgian Stampe SV4B. A 39-year career at Air Canada followed. He flew Douglas, Boeing, Lockheed and Airbus. He retired after 5 years flying over-the-pole to China – 143 times.

As a volunteer at the Edenvale Classic Aircraft Foundation, Dave instructed on the Aeronca 7AC, Fleet 80 Canuck, and a DH 82A Tiger Moth an aircraft still in its original configuration of no brakes or electrics, and a tail-skid. This led to a position at Vintage Wings of Canada, flying the Tiger and Fox Moths, Waco Taperwing, and others.

Dave oversaw the restoration of the P-40N Kittyhawk and displayed it at many airshows. He also checked-out on theHawker Hurricane and P-51 Mustang. In 2018 he was tasked with flying the new Mk IX Spitfire on a continent-wide journey from home base (Gatineau) to Comox BC and back: “5000 Miles ina Spitfire”. Currently he is Chief Pilot of the Mike Potter Aircraft Collection and also displays the Westland Lysander for its owner, historic aviation supporter John Carswell.

Dave comes from an aviation family; 8 of them fly. His father is a retired airline pilot, and his brothers are Chris (Commander of the Space Station Expedition 35), and Phil (B-787 Captain). His son Austin is an Air Canada B-767 Captain and his wife Robin owns an RV6A and is President of the “Ninety-Nines”. His niece Eleri is a pilot at an aviation college, and his nephew Paul is a private pilot. Dave and Robin also own a classic 1947 Fairchild 24W.

Sharing his unique aircraft experiences has been a passion for Dave. He has created an extensive series of helmet-cam videos on YouTube, flying the Spitfire, Hurricane and other iconic aircraft, receiving worldwide audience – and he has an album of aviation-themed songs, “Climbin’ Away”. He has also authored many articles in aviation magazines. 

Dave holds an ATR and has over 28,000 hours. He is a devoted outdoorsman, enjoys playing music in a band (“The Purveyors”), is a noted singer-songwriter with 4 CDs of his own music, and sails a classic 46 ft wooden ketch out of Midland, Georgian Bay.

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